Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: I Got Nothin’

Okay, folks.

Today I have nothing to show you that is either delightful or
inspiring. My house looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. I haven’t
done laundry this week. The hospital bills are stacked up waiting to
be called on. There are crumbs everywhere. The dust is thick on every
surface in my house. I couldn’t look productive if I tried.

However, my kids are loved and cared for. I managed to get Gabriella
to giggle for the first time last night. I spent some extra time
playing on the floor with Reuben. And…I took a nap. ¬†Organization
shall resume next week.

Until then, I’m gonna relax, enjoy my family, drink my Sonic drink,
and bask in God’s grace that sustains me each and every day.

Over and out.


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