Valentine’s Day

We had a busy and fun Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Reuben’s school had Donuts with Dads to start off the morning.  Reuben thought it was pretty cool to have Daddy at his school AND to eat donuts for breakfast instead of yogurt and granola.

I came back at lunch time to take some pictures of Reuben’s party with his friends.  When I got there, he had a sticker on his forehead.  His teachers said he got it for going potty and that’s where he decided to put it.  Lovely.

Examining the delicious cupcake before taking a bite.  This kid had way more sugar than he’s used to yesterday.  Oh well…that’s what holidays are for, right?!?

I just think he looks so cute sitting at the table with his friends 🙂

Reuben’s teacher told me they had to add the extra table because it was getting too crowded at the big table.  She said Reuben and his 2 friends always choose the smaller table.  The kid likes his space…too bad he doesn’t appreciate my desire for space when we’re at home!

Showing off for Mommy!

After class, we stop in at PawPaw’s office to say hello.  Cammie had sent a special V-Day gift for Reuben to open.  Reuben loved it!

Reuben loves his PawPaw 🙂

Gabriella had to get her shots at her 4 month check up while Reuben was at school so she sat by and watched…tired and unamused.

Reuben surprised his baby sister with a rose and a teddy bear.

And I got my own roses and teddy bear, too!  Reuben did a great job helping Daddy pick out our gifts.


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