4 Months Old

Our precious daughter is four months old today!  The time is flying by even though we keep begging it to slow down.  Gabriella continues to be a very laid back, easy going baby.  She is growing really fast!  I’m already having to bust out the 6 month clothes because all of her pants are getting too short.  She’s also moved up to a size 3 diaper.  The rolls on her legs go on for miles and I just couldn’t possibly love them anymore.  She’s just a chubby little piece of goodness!  Her eyes still fluctuate in color…right now they are a greenish/light brown color.  Her hair is getting longer in the front, but she’s rubbed the back of her head almost completely bald…just like her brother did.  We’re definitely at an awkward hair stage :0/  Gabriella has found her voice.  She loves to speak her mind especially between 9-11 p.m.  She also gets really talkative when we lay her down to play on her floor mat.  She enjoys sitting in her bumbo and being able to watch what’s going on around her.  I find myself thanking God several times a day for blessing us with this special gift!

And now for the random pics that haven’t showed up in blogs this month…

Gabriella got to meet “Mama Sonia,” a very dear family friend who was visiting from Peru.

Me and my girl at her baby dedication.

Gabriella and her Cammie.  Isn’t my mom gorgeous?!?  I hope I look this good as a grandma!

During her dedication…

All snuggled up for the coldest day of winter so far.

Gabriella did so great at her very first craft show!  We went to OKC Affair of the Heart this weekend and she survived 6+ hours of shopping!

After the craft show, we went back to Neal and Shannon’s house for dinner.  Rachel wasn’t able to come…it wasn’t the same without her 😦

Hanging out with her buddy Ezekiel 🙂

And a few Instagram pics…

Reuben baked some apple pie in his kitchen and enjoyed feeding it to Gabriella.

Reuben LOVES to help with Gabriella’s baths.

These eyes melt my heart!

This is the face she made when we told her it was snowing outside.


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