Shannon’s 25th Birthday Celebration

My gorgeous little sister, Shannon, turned 25 on Sunday!  We took a mini road trip to Edmond on Friday night to celebrate.  We had a great time eating dinner at Kaiser’s in downtown OKC and afterwards went back to Neal and Shannon’s house for dessert and opening presents.  We had a wonderful time!  It’s always a really nice reminder to see how easily we can drive there and back in one night so it makes Edmond not feel so far away.

Happy birthday, Shannon!  I love you very much and I’m very proud of the beautiful woman you have become.  I’m thankful that you are my sister and one of my very best friends!  I love our phone conversations, crafting dates, and hanging out at family events.  I’m also thankful for the auntie you are to my babies.  We all LOVE YOU!

The newlyweds at Kaiser’s.

Having some fun while waiting on our food.

Getting her first taste of sweet potato fry…and being pretty gangsta about it.

After SEVERAL attempts, this was the best we could do.

Nick’s HILARIOUS attempt at taking a picture while driving.  What a responsible driver…keeping his eyes on the road at all times.

Shannon’s dessert request…Barbee’s iced sugar cookies and Oreo Dirt.

Just a little excited about the Oreo Dirt 🙂

Brynlee loves to attack Reuben while he’s on the floor.  She thinks it’s hysterical.

Auntie Shan and her niece that’s asleep and nephew that’s unamused.

A Reuben sandwich…HA!

Opening presents!  I got Shannon a sewing basket with a few necessities inside.  Love having crafty sisters!

Brynlee entertained herself with some tissue paper.

Apparently Gabriella though something was FUNNY.

Reuben needed to make sure he hadn’t been forgotten as a part of our family.

Uncle Chad and Reuben got a little tied up after a wrestling session…

Reuben’s all tucked in, got his movie on, and ready for the ride home.  What a fun night!


2 Comments on “Shannon’s 25th Birthday Celebration”

  1. mamamac222C says:

    It was fantabulous road trip!!

  2. Jen Giles says:

    Happy birthday Shannon. You’re lovely! Amy I love seeing all of these family pics – cousins are the BEST 🙂 Love you guys!!

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