Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Pantry Organization

The pantry was my big organization project for this week.  I usually have to do a good purge of expired items once or twice a year, but this time, I took everything out and tried to put it back in in a more organized and efficient manner.  Based off the pictures of organized pantries I’ve been perusing online, I’m not IN LOVE with my finished product.  I would prefer to have everything match and have a better flow, but I did the best with what I had.  I wasn’t willing to spend a lot of money in order to buy all new matching supplies (I only bought the 3 black canvas totes for $4.50 and the 2 little black baskets for $1.50 at Wal-Mart…I already had everything else) So…here it is!



I got these 2 bins at IKEA last year.  They are on wheels and very handy!  One is used for cleaning supplies and the other is full of paper products.

Can I take a moment and recommend that everyone buy the foodservice foil from Sams?  It is a large box, but it lasts FOREVER.  I’ve saved tons of money on foil.  This huge thing costs $20 and lasts me about 2 years!

I love the little wire shelves for maximizing space with the canned goods.  I purchased the stair step organizer from Container Store this summer.  It’s a great space saver and really helps me to see what I have.  I removed everything that was blocking the flour, sugar, and brown sugar canisters.  It was a constant hassle to try to get them out of the pantry.  I used my Cameo to spruce them up by adding vinyl labels on the front.

The biggest space saver on this shelf was removing the cereal bags and cracker sleeves from their boxes and sealing them with a chip clip.  All the boxes were overwhelming me!

I feel like there is some definite wasted space up here…I may add another shelf in the future.  We’ll see…

I added a push pin to the left hand side to hold our aprons.

I hung this plastic bag holder from IKEA on the right hand side to contain the mass of plastic bags until I collect them all and take them to the recycling bin at Wal-Mart.  It doesn’t seem to matter how good I am about using my reusable shopping bags…the plastic bags still add up!

So…there you have it!  I feel like my pantry is a constant work in progress.  Who knows what it will look like next year!


2 Comments on “Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Pantry Organization”

  1. KatyRae says:

    Wow, what a great post! I would love it if you linked your tips up to my organization link party this week. I know my readers would love to see them:


  2. […]  I blogged about my process of organizing my pantry HERE.  There are several before and after pictures.  I featured two other pantries that are much […]

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