Pajama Day

Yesterday was Pajama Day at Reuben’s school.  He was super excited to wear his dinosaur jammies and bear slippers for the day.  He was also THRILLED to be able to take his “nigh nigh” to school.  When I picked him up, he gave me a full run-down of what went on at school.  The highlight was watching a Mickey Mouse movie and eating Cheerios!  What a special day!  I absolutely LOVE hearing his stories about his teachers and friends and all of their activities throughout the day.  He’s been very honest about his behavior, too.  Last week, he told me he pushed his friend Ben out of the car and onto his bottom because he wanted a turn to drive it.  Oh my.  We’ve been having BIG talks about using gentle hands with our friends and how to share and wait our turn.  This almost-three-years-old little boy is definitely keeping me on my toes.  He’s also bringing me an over abundance of JOY 🙂


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