A Sonic Drink a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away

So…a few weeks ago, Nick and I were discussing our budget and looking for areas in which we’re doing great and also areas in which we can be better stewards of our money.  Well, just to give you an idea of how much we love Sonic (the drinks, not the food so much), it has its own category in our monthly budget.  Nick encouraged me to try to go to Sonic during Happy Hour or before 11 a.m. to get cheaper drinks.  The reality is…the 11-1 window is the best time for me to get my daily fix.  Yes, I usually drink one Sonic drink a day.  No, I don’t drink coffee or any other form of caffeine throughout the day.  Before and after my Sonic drink, I have only water.


I know it’s pretty ridiculous to spend $2+ on a drink everyday so I was trying to be creative about how I could spend less on drinks, but still go to Sonic when it was convenient for me.

We’re talking about critical issues here.

WELL…since the budget discussion, these BEAUTIES have been showing up at the bottom of my receipts.

*This coupon has already been used, so don’t try to be tricky and print this out to use on your own drink. ;)*

Maybe they were there before and I just didn’t pay attention, but it feels like a special gift from above.  So now it all evens out…if I pay full price for a drink one day and use this the next day, you’ve got yourself two 1/2 price drinks!  The carhops at my regular Sonic are familiar with me and they seem to be just as excited for me when one of these beloved coupons prints out at the bottom of my receipt.  Today I hit the jackpot because I paid for my drink with a free coupon and a NEW ONE PRINTED OUT ON MY RECEIPT.

Glory. Hallelujah. Amen.


One Comment on “A Sonic Drink a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away”

  1. mamamac222C says:

    That’s my girl!! I love you, Amy!

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