Reuben’s Trip to the ER

On Friday night, we went over to my parents’ house for a fun night of pizza and Wheel of Fortune on the Wii.  After Rachel and Chad destroyed us in two games, we decided it was time to pack up and leave before our competitive spirits were crushed any further.  We got Reuben and Gabriella in their jammies and started to pack up to head home.  Reuben was antsy and desperate for some attention, so I put him on my back for a piggyback ride and started dancing him around the living room.  He was cracking up having a great time and it quickly turned to tears.  I put him down and he was grabbing his arm so I just knew that I had pulled his arm out of socket.  Even though I knew we weren’t in an emergency situation, I began to feel hysterical because I had done something to cause my little boy to be in pain.

Mother of the year, right here.

We quickly decided that my dad would drive Nick and Reuben to the Pediatric Urgent Care just a few miles from their house.  After trying 3 different urgent care facilities and finding them all to be closed, they decided they were going to have to go to the ER at St. Francis.  They came back to the house so we could come up with a game plan.  I knew that I couldn’t emotionally handle going back to that ER, so my dad graciously agreed to take them.  I got Reuben’s bag all packed with a drink, snacks, a DVD player, and his “nigh nigh,” AKA blanket, and sent them on their way.  I was able to just hang out at my parents’ house while they went to the ER.  This definitely helped to calm my nerves.

Thankfully, they had a very pleasant experience at the ER.  They were back home in a little over an hour.  As we suspected, Reuben had nursemaid’s elbow, which the doctor assured Nick was very common in kids this age.  They were able to quickly and easily pop his elbow back into place and Reuben only shed a few tears.  Reuben was so brave.  I am very proud of him!  The doctor told us that since this has happened once to Reuben, the likelihood of it happening again is very high.  So, you better believe our horseplay will be VERY careful for the next couple years until his bones/joints/ligaments are more secure.

Reuben had a great night’s sleep and was playing soccer just fine at his practice the next morning.  This worried momma was very relieved!

Nick did a great job taking pictures to send to me and keeping me very informed while I waited with Gabriella at my parents’ house…

My brave little boy getting checked into the hospital.

Settled into the room, waiting on the doctor, and holding his arm just right.

Having a great time despite the circumstances!

Yay!  Feeling all better!

I’m the champ of this hospital!

Reuben got a blue popsicle for being so brave 🙂


2 Comments on “Reuben’s Trip to the ER”

  1. Michelle Williams says:

    Been there, done that (too). 🙂 I cringe EVERY time I see someone picking their kids up by their arms, or legs for that matter. We went to an Urgent Care, and after 3 x-rays and 3 attempts, for some reason, the Dr. there couldn’t put it back. We went home and set up all night until we could get in the car and go to the pediatrician. He popped it back in no time. Thank goodness, it hasn’t happened again, but I’m still really cautious. I’m glad Reuben is all good!!!

  2. I seem to remember Shannon had this happen when your family was in CA visiting g’ma one year. Your mom reached for her as she was getting too close to the steps and her arm went out of socket. Your mom said they had to answer all kinds of ?’s at the ER……..this happens to many parents…….and you’re a great one!!!

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