Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Kitchen Command Center

This week’s project was my Kitchen Command Center.  I got this idea from the Delightful Order blog.  I had a command center of sorts, but it wasn’t organized or effective.  I typically stand here to go through all the mail and pay the bills.  I wanted to create a space that had all the necessary items housed in one place that wouldn’t be a constant eye sore.


This area becomes cluttered very quickly.

A once-organized-junk-drawer gone very bad.

I got this tray to hold mail, but things quickly just pile up.  Also, I love my Erin Condren planner, but it was becoming part of the clutter.

Some organizational tools…baskets, drawers, etc…but not being put to good use at all.  This cabinet quickly became a catch all.


The area is still full, but has a much cleaner look.  Not as much of an eyesore, for sure.

I added a square of cork board and a few hooks to the inside of the cabinet door.  As you can see, I haven’t really filled up this space, but I’m glad to have it here.  So far, I’ve got a great place to store my Box Tops collection.  (If you don’t collect Box Tops, please start!  You can give them to me!  I’m currently collecting them to give to my friend who has a son enrolled at The Little Light House.)

A look at the inside of the cabinet…

I’ve got a bin for all my mailing/bills supplies (envelopes, address labels, stamps, calculator, and letter opener), a basket for gum, 3 drawers for an assortment of office supplies, and a basket for note pads.  Please, no one ever buy me another note pad.  I have this basket full and another larger basket full in our office!

The small green accordion file will be used to store my coupons.  This will be an easier way to grab coupons when I’m headed on a shopping trip.

The second shelf has air fresheners and matches, lighters, and batteries and miscellaneous electronics.

The top shelf has a basket full of baby proofing supplies and a few random items that didn’t fit anywhere else.

This is definitely still a catch-all drawer, but at least it’s much more organized!

The mail center!  The filer on the left has a slot for to be paid, needs attention, to be filed, to be shredded, and coupons (this is where they’ll go until I sort them into my green accordion file).  The filer on the right has a slot for outgoing and incoming mail, as well as a place for pens and a letter opener.  My EC planner is propped up right behind this filer.


One Comment on “Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Kitchen Command Center”

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