Our Visit to the Fire Station

I found out that the heroes of Platoon A at Fire Station #2 were scheduled to be on duty on Saturday.  I prepared a dessert (Oreo Dirt), got Gabriella all dressed up, called ahead of time to make sure it was a good time to come, and we headed that way.  I was SO nervous on the way there.  I was hoping that Reuben would get a chance to look at the fire truck and I was also hoping to get a picture of Gabriella with her heroes.

Once we arrived, we found out that it was a regularly scheduled day for Platoon A, but most of them were on vacation and the EMSA workers were out on a call 😦 So…we got to talk to 3 very friendly firemen who were not the ones who responded to our call.  Oh well.  We gave them our thank you card and dessert and asked that they let the men of Platoon A know that we had stopped by.  I think we’ll try again in a month or so.  I really would like to see them and thank them face-to-face.

So…no picture of Gabriella besides this one I took at home before we left.

Reuben was SUPER nervous and timid, but he was really excited to get on the truck.

He wasn’t quite as sure about sitting next to all the fancy tools…


2 Comments on “Our Visit to the Fire Station”

  1. mamamac222C says:

    This last picture of Reuben reminds me of a picture of you we have. Love it!

  2. […] first time we tried to go to the fire station to say thank you, the guys who had responded to our call were […]

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