Craft Night

I hosted a craft night at my house on Friday night. I’ve decided to do this once a month so I have at least one night a month on the calendar that is specifically devoted to time with my girlfriends and my sister, Rachel. We all wear comfy clothes, bring a snack to share, and bring a craft to work on. Some crafts were begun, a few were completed, and some were never even started. The most important thing is we all got to spend quality time together talking about anything and everything. I love my friends and I don’t take them for granted!

Because our dress code is to wear the most comfortable outfit you can find, I figured it’s only fair to NOT post pictures of our event. However, here are some pictures of the crafts I worked on.

I actually had nothing to do with this first craft. My mom, sisters, and I started these when we went to Shannon’s house for a craft day. My mom did the first part and Rachel finished it for me on Friday night. We pinned this from an Etsy shop that was selling them for $60 a piece! We ended up making our own for about $8.

My next craft was a Valentine’s wreath I also found on Pinterest. The tutorial is HERE. As expected, mine didn’t turn out as well as hers, but I still think it’s pretty cute and it was super easy! Even easier because I had help cutting out all the circles 😉 I may go get some more red felt and work on filling in some spots…AND…I may hang it straight up and down instead of sideways. I can’t decide…

We had a great time and I can’t wait until next month!

One Comment on “Craft Night”

  1. […] decided to hang my V-Day wreath from Craft Night on my pantry door.  You can see the tutorial […]

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