3 Months Old

Tomorrow marks 3 months since our precious Gabriella entered our world.  As I’m sure everyone is now well aware, I’m SO thankful for the blessing of my daughter.  She has already taught me so much and I’m looking forward to lifetime of a mother/daughter bond that can’t be matched.

Gabriella is peaceful, happy, and very content.  She SLEEPS.  Oh my goodness, the girl sleeps.  Last night, she pulled a 9.5 hour stretch.  I don’t want to brag…believe me…I know how TERRIBLE it is to be on the other side reading about a sleeping baby when yours wakes up approximately 19 times each night (REUBEN MAC).  I’m just so SO thankful.  I know I’m a better mom (and I still have MUCH room for improvement) because I’m getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep…besides the occasional, wake up, PANIC, check for breathing, RELIEF, go back to sleep.  And by that statement, it’s clear that GK is still camping out in our room.  Nick and I talked last night about when we’ll move her out of our room.  We decided 18 is a great age for that 😉

Gabriella is smiling and cooing.  I just love it.  She looks me right in the eye and grins from ear to ear showing her beautiful, one-sided dimple.  Her eyelashes are coming in so full.  She is just the most precious thing.

She’s smart, too.  She’s figured out when Reuben goes to bed, she can demand Mommy and Daddy’s full attention.  She is SO chill all day, but during nap time and after Reuben’s bed time, she finds her voice.  She likes to be walked around the house, perched high on my shoulder, and patted on the back.  You would think that after awhile she would relax and lay her head down.  Nope.  Girl has some major head control and she’s got to know what’s going on around her.

Gabriella loves to hear Daddy sing.  When we’re at church, she is a perfect little angel while Daddy is singing.  Once the music stops and the preaching starts, she gets cranky and likes to make some noise.  Needless to say, we enjoy most sermons via TV in the nursing mom’s hangout.

And…now for the pictures…most of them blurry and taken on my phone.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to effectively use our DSLR camera…

This little girl is growing like a weed!  I’ve been saving this dress because it’s size 3 months, but I’m thankful I tried it on her when I did because it was almost too small!

Can you see those eyelashes???

Gabriella went on her first road trip this month.  We took a day trip to Edmond for a girls’ craft day at Shannon’s house.  She did a great job relaxing while we crafted!

She got a bit cranky towards the end so we swaddled her up and handed her to Uncle Neal 🙂

I decided to embrace her fro one day instead of trying to tame it after a bath.  It lasted for over 2 days!

I just love the way she sticks her tongue out when she smiles 🙂

How cute is she in her poncho?!?

It’s exhausting being so cute.

Our families hooked both kids up with some pretty sweet clothes for Christmas!

The eyes…they kill me…

Just a little snuggle bug.

She got all dressed in her track suit to go watch Reuben’s soccer practice.

I. LOVE. THIS. PICTURE.  How GQ is Reuben? How adorable and happy is Gabriella?!?

My sweet angel.


One Comment on “3 Months Old”

  1. Anna powell says:

    Keep her at your bedside for a while longer, but by 12 years old, BELIEVE me you will want her in another, perhaps on another planet.

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