Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Spice Cabinet

I took on my spice cabinet this week.  I started it because it’s one of the smaller tasks on my long list of reorganization to-dos.  The cabinet wasn’t functional and I spent way too much time searching.  I’m also embarrassed by the number of expired spices I had to throw away.  Anyway, it’s done now and I’m happy with the way it turned out!



I was able to clear out enough space to keep my Recipe Notebook and Betty Crocker cookbook in the cabinet.  I also store all my Scentsy products and candles on the top shelf.

I used my new 1 1/2 circle punch to create the tags for these baskets.  It’s so much easier to pull out the basket to find what I’m looking for than searching through the unorganized mess!


One Comment on “Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Spice Cabinet”

  1. I love using baskets and boxes for organization. I have super deep shelves and everything gets lost in the back and then I end up throwing it out. I’m working on my kitchen right now too. I can’t believe how much STUFF I have in my cabinets! I’d love for you to share this with my readers if you get the chance! Thanks!

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