Potty Party

Potty training has been on our minds for quite some time now, but it’s been so hard to know when the time is right.  We originally planned to try this summer, but when I read through some readiness lists, Reuben didn’t seem to be ready at all.  Then it was a big question of whether to do it before or after Gabriella was born.  I am SO glad we didn’t try to potty train before Gabriella.  Reuben regressed quite a bit after she arrived.  (I think the trauma of witnessing her episode may have contributed to the regression as well.) Anyway, we  basically had to retrain Reuben how to sleep through the night and how to listen and obey Mommy and Daddy.  It was a tough month or so, but as we saw more and more progress in those areas, Reuben also began to show a huge interest in going potty.  Nick and I were kind of waiting for a snowstorm because we wanted the training to begin on a day when both of us were home and available, but Reuben was giving us signs that he was ready.  So, on Monday, Jan 2nd, we went for it.  Nick was off work that day so it was the perfect opportunity.

Nick had talked with one of his friends about potty training.  They have 3 boys in their family and have successfully used the “Potty Party” to train their 2 older boys.  I ordered the book (and only skimmed through it, honestly) and made a mental note of the details Ben had shared with Nick.  After Reuben went to bed Sunday night, we decorated the house and got everything set up for Reuben’s big day.

We went with a “Cars” theme which was easy and fun.  Nick made a road out of trash bags and masking tape leading from Reuben’s room to the potty in the living room and the potty in the bathroom.  We set up his new “Cars” couch so he could relax in between his frequent potty breaks.  I put together a box of cheap prizes from the Dollar Tree.  I also included stickers and jelly beans because those are motivating for Reuben, as well.  Nick felt it was only appropriate to prop his championship belt in front of the prize box to demonstrate to Reuben that he was becoming the champ of going potty 😉

I bought a doll that goes potty, and Reuben helped us potty train the doll, too.

On Monday morning, Reuben was confused and quickly very excited about the party he woke up to.  He went straight to the box to check out the prizes.

Just reading a little literature while taking a potty break.

That evening, we invited our family over to celebrate Reuben’s big day.  I made dinner (chicken spaghetti, a favorite among all) and dessert.  We presented Reuben with this ribbon to congratulate him for doing such a great job that day.  The watch on Reuben’s wrist was WONDERFUL.  It came in the box of Pull-Ups that we got.  You can set it for an interval of time (we did 15 minutes) and it will play the tune, “I’m a big kid now,” every 15 minutes to remind Reuben to go potty.  It was a huge part of our success that day.

Of course we had to belt the champ.

The last thing we did was give Reuben a present to open.  His present was his first pairs of big boy underwear.  He was thrilled!

This potty party was a great way to kick start Reuben’s potty training.  We’ve only had about 1 accident a day since Monday.  I consider that a huge success!


One Comment on “Potty Party”

  1. Becca says:

    Girl, I love your creativity! You inspire me to remember to make things fun!

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