Christmas Part III

In between the abundance of family time, we managed to have some quiet time at home, just the 4 of us, on Christmas morning.  Santa brought Reuben three gifts representing the three gifts that the wisemen brought to baby Jesus.  The big gift Reuben has been asking for for the past few months is a baseball bat.  He played with one at his friend’s house and has been thinking about it ever since.  We managed to get a priceless video of his reaction on Christmas morning.  I couldn’t have pictured it going any better…

Reuben also had fun opening his stocking from Santa.  Gabriella slept through the whole thing.  It really was kind of nice since she doesn’t know or care about what’s going on AND Reuben lives for undivided attention.  It was special for us to focus completely focus on him on this Christmas when he has finally started figuring things out and been really excited about everything.

Next on our agenda was baking our birthday cake for Jesus’ birthday.  Reuben is such a big helper in the kitchen!

We enjoyed a nice breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  I tried out a recipe I found for IHOP pancakes.  We agreed that there wasn’t anything too fancy about them and they really tasted just like the ones I usually make out of a box.  I’m just fine with going back to the quicker and easier pancakes out of a box 😉

Gabriella woke up during breakfast and wanted to know what was going on 🙂

After awhile our cake was done and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I’m not really sure why I put 3 candles on the cake.  Maybe because I was thinking of the Trinity or the three wisemen…  (Please ignore my mess of a pantry in the background.  I’ll hopefully be posting a nice organized pantry for a future edition of Delightfully Inspiring Thursday!)

Reuben loved the cake, of course!

We spent the rest of Christmas Day over at the in-laws’ house.  We set up Reuben’s new train set in the living room.  He really enjoyed watching it go round and round!

The next day, the in-laws came over to our house to give Reuben his big gift from them…a My First Trampoline AKA a “big jump.” Reuben was thrilled!  We’ve been thankful for the warm weather that has given him a chance to enjoy his trampoline a little bit before it gets too cold…if it ever does!

And a few days later we finally got around to opening Gabriella’s gift from Santa.  Reuben helped her open it up.

We got both Reuben and Gabriella a Scentsy stuffed animal.  They are wonderful!  You put a scent pack in a pouch in the back of the animal and it smells up their whole room.  I really like it because it isn’t too overpowering, but is just strong enough to be noticeable.  You can tell she’s thrilled!

That wraps up our Christmas celebrations!  We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends and family.  I’m glad to be back to somewhat of a normal routine, but I’m already looking forward to doing Advent again next year with both Reuben and Gabriella!  I loved the way it helped us to focus and anticipate instead of just getting caught up in one big whirlwind of holiday madness.  I’m so thankful for the true meaning of Christmas and the impact it has had on mine and my family’s lives.


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