Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Recipe Notebook

(I’m taking a break from my Christmas posts for today. I’ll post my 3rd and final Christmas blog tomorrow…)

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled across a blog that I am LOVING. I feel like I can never be too organized so I am always looking for practical tutorials and examples of how to be more organized. DaNita hosts Delightfully Inspiring Thursdays and I’ve decided to do my best to link up to it each week. I feel like this will give me a deadline to get at least one project, no matter how big or small, accomplished each week.

My first project is my recipe binder. For the 5.5 years that Nick and I have been married, I have never had an organized system for my recipes. They’ve always just been in a big stack in my cabinet. I started looking around on Pinterest and found this binder. I modified a few things and this is how mine turned out…

I used scrapbook paper and an apron cut-out (done with the Cameo) to decorate the front of the notebook.

These clips are stored on the inside pocket. I will use these to mark the recipes that I will be using each week.

This page is at the very front. Instead of making photo copies of regularly used recipes out of my favorite cookbooks, I will write the information down on this page so I know exactly where to go to find it. I obviously haven’t started filling it out yet, but will do so as I go. I figured PW’s Lasagna was a great place to start 😉

My dividers are: Appetizers, Breakfast, Sides, Soups, Crockpot, Chicken, Beef, Desserts, Drinks, and Other

The pocket for each divider holds recipes that are yet to be tried. They will not be filed until we’ve tried them and like them.

I put blank papers inside plastic page covers and am just taping the recipe, as is, onto the page.

I’m really pleased with how the notebook turned out! I’m hoping this organization will help me to add more variety to our meals rather than cooking the same thing over and over.


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