Advent: Days 19-22

Day 19: Read a Christmas book.  We’ve been reading Christmas books throughout our days and I keep forgetting to snap a picture.  Reuben seems to be enjoying our discussions of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, though.  I did manage to snap a picture of my mom reading a Christmas story to Reuben and Brynlee.  LOVE these moments!

Day 20: Make a gingerbread house.  Reuben had a great time decorating his gingerbread house (AKA graham cracker and hot glue house).  He also ate way more candy than he should!  He kept popping in an M&M in between decorating 🙂  We also did a make up activity today.  We worked on cutting and gluing and made a shape wreath.  Reuben’s still not sure about how to hold the scissors just right, but he did a great job gluing!

Day 21: Make ornaments.  We decided to postpone this activity for a day so we could do them with Rachel and Brynlee…so we decided to make our annual poppyseed bread instead!

Reuben is his happiest when he’s helping with a project or working on a craft.  He really enjoys being engaged and the one-on-one attention.  He really is a great little helper.

He has officially discovered the joy of licking the whisk once his work is done.  I tried to keep him from finding out for as long as I could, but now he’s experienced the deliciousness of batter.

Day 22: Make Puppy Chow with Mommy.  We had a lot of fun making our first batch of Puppy Chow together.  Once again, Reuben was a big help.  While we were at it, we made salt dough for our ornaments.  Once it was ready, we headed over to Cammie and PaPa’s house to make our ornaments.  We’re excited to see the finished product!

Brynlee didn’t particularly enjoy this project…

Even Cabos joined in on the fun.  Chad had to hold his mouth because he was trying to eat Reuben’s ornament!


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