Advent: Days 14-18

Day 14: Bake cookies for teachers. Reuben helped me make cookies for his teachers at Mother’s Day Out and he did such a great job! He got to wear his new apron from Auntie Karen. I think it might have made him a better cook 😉

Day 15: Christmas program at school. Reuben looked super cute up on stage, but I’m pretty sure he only uttered approximately 5 words of either song his class sung. Guess we need to work on his live performance skills. He sure puts on quite a show while singing in his bedroom!

Gabriella got all dressed up to show her support for Reuben.

Miss Paula tried to get Reuben to do a solo. He didn’t go for it.

Watching his friends perform their songs.

Reuben was not interested in taking pictures after the program. This was the best I could get.

My mom and dad came to Reuben’s program. Mom was a huge help with Gabriella while I acted as paparazzi during the program 🙂

My in-laws also came to show their support. It’s such a blessing to have both sides of our family in town for events like this.

Reuben with his two teachers, Miss Annette and Miss Christy.

And here’s the video of the program. Please ignore the incessant clicking of my camera. I had to make sure I got the perfect picture!

Day 16&17: activities postponed…

Day 18: Color a Christmas picture. Reuben and I had a great time coloring together as we discussed the story of Christmas. He told me all about the sheeps and baby Jesus 🙂


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