Advent: Days 9-13

Somehow our lives have been one big whirlwind this last week so we didn’t get to do all of our planned activities; therefore, I’ll only be talking about the days we managed to accomplish our goals.  However, I’m looking forward to catching up with Reuben this week since his normal activities have been cancelled.

Day 9&10: activities postponed…

Day 11: Love and Respect Christmas Party.  I volunteered to host our Christmas party this year because I LOVE doing it!  I really enjoy setting the atmosphere and opening my home to my closest friends to celebrate my favorite time of year.  This year’s party did not disappoint.  We had a great time of food and fellowship!

I made Chicken Spaghetti for dinner and was so happy that the kids seemed to really like it!  I also thought they just looked so cute sitting at their own little table 🙂

Jessica walked into Reuben’s room and found the kids putting on a concert 🙂

I absolutely loved the hustle and bustle of our gift exchange which turned into a marshmallow gun war (one family made them for the boys and one family made them for the men so there were LOTS of guns and LOTS of “ammo”).  It’s been a week since the party and Reuben just brought me another marshmallow he found 😉

Last year we started a tradition of “Love and Respect Gives Back.”  We want to make sure that part of our focus in our time of celebration is doing something to serve our community.  This year we decided to write letters of encouragement to a platoon of which one of the men in our church is a part.  We recognize the huge sacrifice they are making to serve our country and wanted to take the time to encourage them during the holidays which must be particularly difficult.

The kids made pictures to go with each of the letters.  They did a great job!

…AND…by the end of the night, Nick was at the bottom of a wrestling pile.

Day 12: Visit Santa.  My mother-in-law’s birthday is on the 12th, and she decided she wanted to celebrate by going to Los Cabos for dinner and Bass Pro to visit Santa.  We did the same thing last year and she really enjoyed it so she wanted to do it again.  We had a great time!  For the first time that we’ve seen, there was a pretty long line to see and have your picture taken with Santa.  We’ve only waited 5-10 minutes when we’ve gone before, and this time was a 30-45 minute wait.  From what I’ve heard, the line gets much worse once kids are out of school and as Christmas gets closer.  Anyway, Reuben went up to play with the train set that was right next to Santa’s seat and got to say hi to Santa and get some candy.  He was pleased with that so we decided we didn’t need to wait in line for a 3rd picture with Santa.

This little cutie passed out while we waited in line to see Santa.

When your plans to get a picture with Santa in Bass Pro don’t pan out, what else do you do besides take pictures with fancy toys that you’ll never buy?

Day 13:  Take Christmas cards to the Post Office.  I intended to walk inside and make a big deal out of this, but it was raining the day we decided to go so we just stayed in the car and did the drive by drop off.  So…no picture 😦


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