Two Months Old


Our sweet baby girl was 2 months old on Wednesday!  We had her well baby check with the doctor on Thursday and she is very healthy!  At our first visit with her pediatrician, he ordered that I have an A1C to confirm that I did, in fact, have undiagnosed gestational diabetes which caused Gabriella’s episode.  We received the results from the test and found that my blood sugar levels were well within normal (actually on the low end of normal) so our “answer” as to why everything happened is gone.  While I’m very relieved to know there is nothing I did to cause her issues with glucose, it has been a bit unsettling to still be in the dark as to what exactly happened.  We are very blessed to serve a faithful God who promises that He holds the future of our children in His hands.

Gabriella is an amazing addition to our family.  She is very easy going and happy.  She has fallen very nicely into a structured routine, but also is flexible to go with the flow.  AND…she sleeps SO WELL!  I do not take this for granted after having struggles with getting Reuben to sleep when he was her age.  At 2 months, Reuben was sleeping in his swing every night because that was the only place he would sleep.  Gabriella does really well sleeping in her pack-n-play as long as she is swaddled 🙂  Right now, she’ll sleep from about 11 pm-5 am and then back to sleep until around 8 am.  I’m very thankful for the sleep because Lord knows I need it to keep up with Reuben!  I’m having lots of fun dressing her up and think she looks adorable in pretty much anything…as evidenced by my frequent pictures on Facebook!


Gabriella got to meet the Shusmski family (my youth pastors from 7th-11th grade).  We were so blessed to have the opportunity to visit with them while they were in town.


2 Comments on “Two Months Old”

  1. Anna powell says:

    Sounds like you have the perfect combination; an action hero son and a cuddle bug daughter. Believe me, it is the best of both worlds. My action hero is STILL running around like a two year old!!!! He still loves light sabers and swords. He uses much of that energy with ABKA karate. Of course my cuddle bug is too big for my lap, but she is seldom without a dog or cat cuddled up in hers.

    Amy, keep writing. It helps my know how to pray for you and other moms. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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