Advent: Days 5-8

Day 5: Make a Santa door hanger.  Reuben had so much fun doing this simple little craft.  I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to craft with him on a regular basis.

Apparently Reuben became very suspicious of Santa once we hung him on his door 😉

Day 6: Drink hot cocoa.  Reuben had a great time helping mommy “cook” the hot cocoa 🙂

Taste testing a few marshmallows…

Day 7: Make a candy cane reindeer.  This craft was a terrible idea for a 2.5 year old.  Way too complicated for little fingers to place glue on little pieces and get them to stick to the candy cane.  We ended up decorating a Christmas tree with pom poms. Reuben was doing a great job and, out of nowhere, he dipped a pom pom in glue and popped it in his mouth!  Yuck!

We managed to make one reindeer before I gave up.

Reuben decided it was more fun to eat the candy cane.

Day 8: Sponsor a Compassion child and write our first letter. What an honor it was to go to the Compassion site and choose a child to sponsor.  Nick and I had talked beforehand and decided we would like to sponsor a little boy close to Reuben’s age and later have Gabriella help us choose a little girl close to her age.  We decided on Jaime from Peru.  He’s the most precious little 3 year old and he looks like Reuben!  I’m so excited to begin this relationship with Jaime.  We weren’t able to write our first letter because we have to wait on a packet in the mail to get us all started.  I’ll be watching the mail with great anticipation until the day it comes!  If you haven’t already sponsored a child through Compassion, I encourage you to do so! It’s only $38 a month, and the process of selecting a child is fun and simple!  You can start the process HERE.

Gabriella joined in the fun, too!



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