Family Fun Festival

I had grand plans to make costumes for Reuben and Gabriella this year, but the day before the fall festivals, I burst into tears just thinking about trying to get them done.  I quickly realized I wasn’t going to pull it together.  My friend, Vivi, saved the day by agreeing to let us borrow her son’s Buzz Lightyear costume.  Reuben LOVED it…probably WAY MORE than the costume I was planning to make him.

We attended the fall festival at my parents’ church and our church.  It was a bit crazy navigating with 2 kids in tow, but we survived and Reuben had a great time.

Reuben and Brynlee have the cutest little relationship.  They have so much fun when Reuben plays nice and doesn’t try to “accidentally” knock her over.  

The cutest little watermelon I’ve ever seen in my life and her beautiful mother 🙂

Gabriella got to meet a lot of new people at both festivals.  It was so fun to introduce her!

I did a terrible job taking pictures once we got to Destiny.  It was a bit crowded and I was focused on trying to push the stroller around without being in too many people’s way.

To infinity and beyond!

Cowboy Isaiah and Buzz Lightyear waiting to jump.  Bouncing was the highlight of Reuben’s night.  He couldn’t care less about the candy.

We had a great time and are very thankful to both churches for providing such fun events for our children!  Maybe I’ll start working on next year’s costumes now…


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