Pumpkin Patch

Yep, you read that right.  We’re taking a trip all the way back to mid-October for this blog.  (My OCD won’t let me just leave the blog behind.  There are few more of these oldie-but-goodies coming up this week.) While Gabriella was still in the NICU, Nick and Reuben joined my family on a trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was so hard for me to miss out on this adventure, but I’m thankful that Nick and Reuben were able to go.  Nick did a great job taking pictures to document the trip for me.  I’m looking forward to taking both of my kids next year!

Truckin’ along with the cutest little passenger!

Reuben loves his PaPa!

A little overboard with the CHEESE face.

My parents make such wonderful grandparents. I love seeing the way they interact with their grandkids.

Surveying the goods 🙂

Again with the CHEESE face…

Reuben started treating the pumpkin patch like a gym.  First, he kicked the pumpkins like they were soccer balls…

…then he started hurdling them.

I love his carefree spirit and his zest for life!

My niece, Brynlee, was the cutest little pumpkin in the patch!


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  2. […] and I weren’t able to go to the pumpkin patch last year, so we were really looking forward to going this year.  My sister and I made the girls matching […]

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