Advent: Days 1-4

Our first four days of Advent have been really fun!  When Reuben wakes up in the morning, he runs around looking for Tebow and then runs over to the fireplace to see what our activity will be for the day.  He gets excited and jumps up and down no matter what activity we have planned for the day.

Day 1: Pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie.

Day 2: Visit Santa.  Our friends, the Harris’, invited us to dinner to celebrate our birthdays so we decided to make a night of it and stop in at Bass Pro to visit Santa again.  Isaiah and Reuben went together last year, too.

Day 3: Buy a toy for the Toy Drive at church.  Reuben had a great time picking out a couple toys with Daddy.  We’re looking forward to putting them in the collection box at church!

Day 4: Go to Rhema to see the Christmas lights. We joined up with a group from our church to tour the Christmas lights.  We had a great time even though it was a bit COLD!


One Comment on “Advent: Days 1-4”

  1. BRENDA says:

    hey how sweet your family is beauiful

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