Visiting Santa

After a day of decorating at my parents’ house, we decided to go to Bass Pro to visit Santa.  Bass Pro is THE place to go.  The Santa is so friendly and patient AND you get a free professional picture PLUS you can take your own pictures.  We’ll be making several stops to Bass Pro to visit the jolly fellow over the next few weeks.

Reuben wrote a note to Santa letting me know he wants a baseball bat and ball for Christmas.  It is all he has been able to talk about for the past 3 weeks. I can’t wait to see Reuben’s face on Christmas morning when he sees the baseball bat and ball.  He is going to be so excited!  He was too distracted by Santa to look at the camera for this picture.

Showing his list to Santa from afar and proudly displaying his behavioral report card on his shirt 😉

Gabriella was obviously thrilled about this visit to see Santa.  At least she looked cute!

Handing his list off to Santa and telling him all about the baseball bat and ball.

I’m surprised that Reuben sat on his lap!  He was timid at first, but I think he’s starting to like the guy!

My niece, Brynlee, was so cute!  She smiled so big for her pictures with Santa.  Her mom and dad may or may not have shed a few tears after this moment.

Sisters and cousins 🙂

Santa asked Reuben to place his letter in the mailbox so he could take it home.  Reuben was happy to oblige.

The letter has been successfully placed!

Brynlee and Gabriella in their matching shirts and bows made by their mommies.  Gabriella is still sleeping…

Reuben passed out in the tent after all the excitement of seeing Santa.

After our visit with Santa, we walked over for dinner at Los Cabos.  Reuben had his very own Santa hat made for him while we were there.


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