One Month Old

Two thoughts are going through my head right now:  Has it ALREADY been one whole month?  AND  Has it ONLY been one month?  Gabriella is just as sweet as she can be.  She is a calm, easy going, good natured baby.  She loves to cuddle, rock, and watch her big brother.  She doesn’t enjoy waiting to eat, having a wet diaper, or getting in her car seat.  These are really the only times she cries!  It has been an adventure adjusting to life with two children.  I’m so thankful for my amazing husband, family, and friends who are walking with me through this process of figuring out my new normal.

Getting ready for her first sponge bath at home.

Wondering what in the world is going on.

Ready to get her hair washed…one of her favorite activities 🙂

Rocking with Daddy and Reuben

We have embraced the bows!

Reading with Daddy and Reuben before bed.

It may seem silly to document her first trip to Wal-Mart, but this was something that really stressed me out.  We just needed some milk so I decided I could handle it with both kids.  Reuben was a BIG helper so we survived!

We love our special one-on-one time with Gabriella after Reuben goes to bed.  This is one of her most interactive times so I’m glad we get the chance to give her our undivided attention.


3 Comments on “One Month Old”

  1. Beth says:

    She’s so beautiful!!!! Happy One Month!!! 🙂

  2. Ashley E says:

    Super cute! Congrats!! L had a great time with Reuben at the tailgate the other day.

  3. Amy Stroup says:

    She really is a beautiful little girl, Amy. of course, I LOVE her name (ie…our Sarah-Kate) & she has the most precious dimples. She is definitely a girl in the pic with Daddy & Rueben. Perfect feminine little face. Hang in there Mom. Remember, 6 weeks!! Thats when it begins to feel like you have things down. Enjoy her. Blessings to your sweet little family. Amy Stroup

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