Introducing Gabriella Kate Agimudie

Our sweet baby girl was born on Friday, October 14th at 2:33 p.m. She weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 21in long. She is every bit as beautiful as we knew she would be!

We had our 38 week check up on Friday morning, and when we got there I was dilated 4 cm, 90% effaced, and having contractions, so our doctor told us to go home and pack and head up to the hospital. We had suspected that I might be in labor so we were already packed. We went to my parents’ house so we could drop Reuben off for the day. Leaving him was a lot more emotional than I was prepared for. We took time to sit down and talk with him about what was going to happen. Reuben was too excited about being at Cammie and PawPaw’s house to care about what we were saying 🙂

Once I collected myself, Nick and I headed to the hospital. We parked, casually strolled in, and got checked into our room about 10:15. And…Gabriella was born about 4 hours later. Once I’m in labor, my body doesn’t mess around!

It was amazing how different our experience was this time around! Reuben was taken to the NICU pretty quickly after he was born and I didn’t get to see him until several hours later. We were very blessed to have my dear friend Joleen, a nurse in the NICU at St. Francis, on hand to check Gabriella out as soon as she was born. It was so fun to have Gabriella in our room, watch her get her first bath, dress her up right away, and spend quality time getting to know our little girl.

Reuben and Gabriella gave each other gifts to celebrate their brother/sister relationship. Gabriella gave Reuben a nerf gun and Reuben gave Gabriella her first purse 🙂

The next 2 days in the hospital were the fulfillment of a dream I felt I had lost with Reuben. Our friends and family had to either look at Reuben through a window or take turns scrubbing up and being escorted one by one to meet him. With Gabriella, it was a joy to have visitors, introduce them to our precious girl, and let them hold her. (We were too busy enjoying Gabriella and our visitors to think about getting pictures of everyone. Here are a few…)

On Sunday afternoon, we were discharged with our healthy baby and got to fulfill another dream of mine…going home as a complete family with no visit to the NICU. Nick and I talked the whole way home about how full our hearts felt and how incredibly blessed we are with these two beautiful children. Not long after arriving home, our dream was abruptly interrupted with a health scare that would bring us to our knees. To be continued…


3 Comments on “Introducing Gabriella Kate Agimudie”

  1. Dianna Heginbotham says:

    To be continued?!?!? Hurry up!

  2. Becca says:

    She is so beautiful! Dying to hear the rest of the story…

  3. Tortuga Pentecostal says:

    This was so interesting…. I really enjoyed reading this. Our heartfelt Congratulations to you both and May God continue to bless you and your family!

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