A Blessed AfFAIR

I’d like to take this moment to personally thank anyone who prayed for me to make it to the fair this year.  I made it!  Not without some drama, though!  I intentionally scheduled our 36 week checkup visit for the afternoon of the fair so I could walk in, get a great report about our baby girl, and go to the fair guilt free.  Well, our baby girl does look great, but she’s a little too eager to make her entrance into the world.  Our doctor basically said if I’d like to make it another week then I should go on bed rest.  Well, based on our experience with Reuben, we definitely want to make it as long as possible to give Gabriella the best chance of avoiding a stay in the NICU. So, we decided the fair could be my one last hoorah before being banned to my bed for the next week.  I swallowed my pride and rode around in a wheelchair at the fair.  I figured my embarrassment and lack of control was a small price to pay in order to enjoy a night with our friends.

We usually hit up the petting zoo first.  I volunteered for guard duty of all the strollers while everyone went in with the kids.  Vivi was gracious and stayed with me.  Nick did a great job taking some pictures for me to get a glimpse of Reuben’s fun with the animals.

Group shot with some of the best friends anyone could ask or hope for!

My loves 🙂

This is me indulging in fried butter.  It was DELICIOUS.  Let me describe it for you…small balls of butter rolled in cinnamon and sugar, dipped in pancake batter, deep fried, and dusted with powdered sugar.  When you bite into the ball, the butter has melted completely into the batter.  It tastes like the center bite of a stack of pancakes that has had the butter resting on top.  SOOO good.

On our way out of the fair, we stopped in this pavilion for one last look at some horses.  I love this pic of the kids and their daddies!

This man was so nice to let them pet and talk to his horse, Harley.  Reuben was SCARED of the horses last year, so I was happy to see him getting that close to the horse!


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  1. […] to the fair on opening night with a big group of friends from church.  I was thrilled to go sans wheelchair this year  I look forward to this night all year as it seems to officially kick off the fun of […]

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