Gabriella Kate’s Baby Shower


First of all, thank you all so much for the sweet comments yesterday…whether here, on my Facebook wall or inbox, text message, or a phone call.  Your encouragement meant so much to me!

My beautiful friends and sister threw an adorable shower for me this past Saturday.  The decorations were precious and matched perfectly with Gabriella’s nursery.  (I’m currently using some of their decor as the final touches to the nursery.  Pictures soon…I promise!)  The sweet treats were delicious and exactly what this momma has been craving for the past 8.5 months!  When I pulled up to the shower, I had to sit in my car and take a moment to collect myself.  Attending this shower made it really sink in that I have a baby girl on the way.  I’m so excited and grateful!

Here are some pictures of the amazing decor.  My friends are so crafty and talented!

Each of the table settings had a card for the guests to fill out with their wishes for Gabriella.  I loved reading through these and will greatly treasure them!  Can’t wait to share them with my daughter 🙂

I am so thankful for my mom and sisters.  I can handle anything with these 3 by my side.

And…what an amazing group of girlfriends.  God gave me one of the greatest gifts when He blessed me with faithful friends.

Surrounded by God’s faithful provision…all wrapped up in girly colors 🙂


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