The Little Gym

The Little Gym put out a Living Social deal at the beginning of the summer to try 6 sessions for $35.  A friend and I decided to buy the deal because it was a great indoor option for the HOTTEST SUMMER EVER (can you tell how much I’m LOVING this heat?!?).  We started out in the Mommy and Me class and Reuben had a great time.  His teacher encouraged us to try to the more independent class the following week, so we did,  and Reuben did great!  Nick and I discussed it and we quickly decided to enroll Reuben in the 4o week session so we could enjoy the Little Gym goodness all year.  He really enjoys going and we really enjoy watching him (Daddy even gets to come over his lunch break!)  He’s doing a great job following instructions and being challenged to do new things.  His teacher is WONDERFUL!

Reuben thinks it’s super cool that he gets a stamp on each hand, each foot, his tummy, and his back!


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