Excuses… Excuses…

I’ve been MIA in the blogging world for over a month.  I know it’s unacceptable and I feel terribly ashamed…not really.  I definitely have my excuses:

1.  I have a 2.5 year old who is busy, full of life, and requires my attention most of my waking hours.

2.  I’m 31 weeks pregnant.  Period.

3.  It’s been the hottest summer OF.MY.LIFE.

4.  The combination of #1-#3 has left me beyond tired.  Normally I like to blog during nap times or right after Reuben goes to bed; however, in the last month, I’ve been physically resting or mentally resting as much as I can during Reuben’s sleeping times.

5.  As I mentioned in #4, I’ve been mentally resting.  This means crafting for me.  I’ve really enjoyed catching up on some projects that I haven’t had time to do or cute DIY ideas that I’ve copied off of one or more of the blogs I read.

6.  Most of the aforementioned crafts can be found in either Reuben’s big boy room or baby girl’s nursery.  This has been the other consumer of my time…NESTING and preparing for our little princess.  Since the beginning of the summer, I have completely overhauled our office, master closet, and former guest room in order to make way for Reuben’s new room and baby girl’s nursery.  I’m anxiously awaiting their completion so I can post pictures.  I’m really happy with the way both rooms are turning out!

7.  Due to reason #3, we haven’t been doing very many exciting or noteworthy things.  We’ve been playing inside A LOT and doing our best to find a variety of indoor activities around town to keep ourselves busy.  Reuben has been a trooper, but I can’t wait for 80-90 degree weather so we can go sit at the park for hours on end.

So, there you have it.  I hope I’ve excused myself.  Stay tuned for more inconsistent blogging 😉


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