Quality Time with Brynlee Anne

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some special time with Brynlee Anne.  I absolutely LOVE being an aunt.  I’m very grateful for our ever expanding family, and how involved we get to be in each other’s lives.

While we were in Gulf Shores, I bought Brynlee a “My Aunt is the Best” onesie.  Rachel dressed her in it when we got together at my parents’ house for breakfast a few weeks ago.  Doesn’t she look precious?!?

Rachel was a single mom for a week while Chad was at Super Summer (church camp in Ok), so I volunteered to keep Brynlee for a morning so Rachel could have some time to herself.  Reuben had some jealousy issues, but I’m happy to report that everyone survived!

I was shopping at Target yesterday and just HAD to get her this adorable outfit.  Reuben and I made a special stop by Rachel’s house just so I could see Brynlee in this outfit ASAP.  Even cuter than I imagined!!!


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