Cars 2

On Monday night, we took Reuben to see Cars 2.  We met up with some of our buddies and had a GREAT time!  Reuben had a hard time sitting still through the whole movie, but overall, he seemed to really enjoy it!

I had a moment while watching Reuben’s face as he was taking in everything around him…the cool seat, his mommy and daddy on either side, his buddies close by, the popcorn, the big screen…he was FILLED with joy.  As his parents, we wanted to make sure this experience was a dream for him and nothing could have made us happier.

This was just another glimpse of how our Father feels toward us.  I’m so thankful for the way He loves me and wants me to experience the upmost joy.  I’m also grateful for these new ways I can understand how He feels about me, through my interactions with my son…even while attending the newest Disney Pixar film.


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