Celebration Sunday

Nick had this weekend off from leading worship at our church, so we had the honor of attending Celebration Sunday at my parents’ church, Liberty Church.  Liberty has Celebration Sunday once a quarter to have baby dedications, baptisms, new member recognition, among other things.  It’s a really neat time for the church family to come together and celebrate these exciting milestones with each other.  On this particular day, we got to witness the baptism of my new brother-in-law, Neal, and the dedication of my niece, Brynlee.  It was a very special time!  I’m so glad we were able to be there!

We started off our day with a family breakfast at the Broken Egg Cafe.  Reuben was EXTRA excited about a whole day with Daddy!

When you are baptized at Liberty, you can select who you would like to baptize you.  This is a really neat tradition.  In this particular baptism service, we witnessed fathers baptizing their children, the children’s pastor baptizing a child who had gotten saved at VBS, a friend baptizing a friend, and my dad baptizing his son-in-law.  Each person is also given the opportunity to share a bit of their testimony.  After each baptism, the congregation claps, cheers, and gives a standing ovation.  It’s such a WONDERFUL celebration.  (I personally enjoyed the fact that my dad was dressed in a Tulsa Basketball t-shirt while he baptized Neal.)

Through tears, Bro. Paul, the pastor of Liberty Church, took a moment to point out how special it was to be dedicating my niece Brynlee Anne.  Ten years ago this summer, my sister was diagnosed with cancer, and at that point, we weren’t sure that we would ever have the opportunity to celebrate a dedication of one of Rachel’s children.  What a special moment to stop and thank God for His healing in my sister’s body, and the wonderful miracle of Brynlee Anne.









One Comment on “Celebration Sunday”

  1. Beth says:

    Such beautiful blessings for your family! Praise the Lord, for He is very good!!!! 🙂

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