American Airlines Picnic

I’m ashamed at how long it’s taken me to post about our fun day at the annual American Airlines Family Picnic.  Nick’s mom works for AA, so we’re able to attend all of their events for free.  The picnic was the Saturday after we returned from our vacation to Gulf Shores.  It was a great activity for us to do with Reuben after being in the car the whole day before.  We arrived right when it started and we were glad we did!  They had lots of rides set up and there were no lines when we got there.  We took Reuben around to all the rides he could do while there were no lines.  He had a great time until the very last ride.  He had a meltdown in the middle of the ride, but there wasn’t anything we could do until it was finished.  It was so pitiful!  After that ride, we had a nice lunch, walked around a bit, and headed out.  As we were leaving, we noticed long lines for every ride!  We all agreed that when we come back next year, we’ll do the same thing we did this year!



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