Father’s Day 2011

We had a wonderful time celebrating the amazing fathers in our life this weekend.  On Saturday night, we got together with my side of the family for a nice dinner and hang time then spent Sunday evening with Nick’s side of the family.  I have always known that I am beyond blessed to have a trustworthy, dependable, God-honoring, sensitive, invested, supportive, and loving Dad (just to name a few of his AMAZING qualities).  I can’t imagine how my life might be different without his presence.  As I watch Nick develop as the father to our son (and daughter on the way), I am equally grateful that I can see those same qualities developing in him.  I am thankful that Father’s Day is an easy day to celebrate, and not one that brings about pain, depression, regret, etc.  I am blessed and do not take it for granted!

Reuben got all dressed up to celebrate Daddy on Father’s Day

Nick requested a yellow cake with chocolate icing for dessert on Father’s Day.  Well, I got in too much of a hurry and tried to get the cake out of the pan before it cooled all the way.  This was the result 😦 BUT…it tasted AMAZING.

We took a nice walk to the neighborhood park and splash pad on Sunday evening.  Reuben loves playing outside ESPECIALLY when his Daddy is there 😉


One Comment on “Father’s Day 2011”

  1. mamamac222C says:

    Amy, what a gifted comunicator you are. Your blogs bless me in so many ways. So proud of you!!

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