Neal and Shannon’s Wedding

This blog is all about Neal and Shannon’s wedding from the perspective of my point and shoot camera.  The wedding was beautiful, and it was definitely a joyous occasion!

After the rehearsal on Friday evening, we headed to Zio’s for the rehearsal dinner.  At dinner, Shannon and Neal passed gifts out to their parents and the bridal party.

They made each set of parents one of these precious frames.

The bride and groom are busy handing out gifts to their LARGE bridal party.

Reuben LOVED his gift.  He got several tools for outdoor exploration.

Brynlee got her very first baby doll from Uncle Neal and Auntie Shan.

Shannon hired Liz and Ashely from Studio 2 to come to the church to do all of our hair on Saturday morning.  They did an amazing job!  The process was really fun, too…lots of girl time for Shan to start off her big day.

Some of the GORGEOUS bridesmaids.  Our gift from Shannon was the cute navy flower we all wore in our hair and our earrings for the wedding.

We all observed while Shannon got her hair done.  Liz did awesome!  Shannon’s hair looked perfect and didn’t budge the whole day!

After our hair was done, we took a break to eat a delicious lunch.

Shannon’s bridesmaids were SO GREAT.  I love this picture of them all working so hard to make sure everything is perfect for Shannon.

The three (former) McNamara girls.

Shannon and I in the lobby of the reception hall.  We were waiting for our formal introduction and entrance into the reception.

My two AMAZING sisters.

The couple’s first dance.

As a wedding gift for Neal, Shannon surprised him with a visit from Pistol Pete.  Neal FREAKED OUT when he walked in. His reaction was priceless.

The two handsome men in my life.  How can one woman be SO blessed?!?

Reuben enjoyed dancing with Uncle Chad and Auntie Ray Ray.

Gearing up for the bouquet toss!

Neal’s fishin’ for the garter.  Uncle Chris took Reuben with him to the single man line-up.

And Uncle Chris throws Reuben at the garter, but he missed.  They had to redo the toss.  Better luck next time, Reuben!

Gettin’ his groove on with Uncle Chris and Daddy.  Reuben definitely gets his dance moves from this side of the family.

I love this picture of Shannon and Neal.  Neal is pouring sweat after dancing his heart out and Shannon is having the time of her life.

Dancing with her girlfriends 🙂

The couple made quite the exit as Neal peeled out of the parking lot in his Chevelle.

All changed and ready for their honeymoon in Maui!

Now for some videos…

After asking everyone onto the dance floor for a group pic, the DJ went right into the “Cupid Shuffle.”  My brother-in-law, Chad, managed to catch a video of my 89 year old Grandpa Frank joining in on the fun.

Shannon and Neal asked the DJ to play this song especially for Reuben.  Reuben was still a bit timid at this point, but he did his thing.  (Beware:  this isn’t the clean version of the song)

Reuben really busted out of his shell when they played his favorite song, “Dynamite.”

Reuben had the honor of dancing with the bride and groom.  He loves his Auntie Shan and Uncle Neal!


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