Mother’s Day 2011

This post is long overdue, but I had a wonderful Mother’s Day this year so I had to share 🙂  Reuben and Nick woke me on Sunday morning with three cards (one from Nick, one from Reuben, and one from baby #2) and some beautiful flowers.  Nick had also gotten me my Silhouette machine as an early Mother’s Day gift which I’ve been enjoying very much!  My family (and the Sernas, our “framily”) came over for a cookout at our house, and we had so much fun.  After a nap, we headed over to Nick’s parents’ house for pizza and the Amazing Race finale.  It was such a great day!

 Mommy and Reuben Mac

We walked the Sernas out to their car and came back in to see my sisters having a boxing match with Reuben’s inflatable gloves.  We’re a very loving family.

They decided to hide and surprise Nick and Reuben walking in…I think the surprise was a success.

The women of our family…I’m so very blessed with two beautiful sisters, an amazing mom, and the most adorable little niece.


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