Easter 2011

We began our rainy Easter Sunday at church, and it was AMAZING.  You can watch a video of the service HERE.  Our pastoral team did a wonderful job creating a high impact service that left me SO THANKFUL for what Christ did on my behalf.  AND…there’s just nothing like being led into worship by my husband.  I’m so proud of him and the way he so faithfully uses his God-given abilities to lead our church into worship week after week.

Reuben loved opening his Easter baskets from both sets of grandparents.  He is such a blessed little boy!

Reuben and Mommy.  Reuben’s cheesin’ it up big time.

After giving it our best efforts, this was the shot we got of Reuben and Diego this Easter.  They’re busy boys, what can I say?

We added Brielle and Lucas into the picture fun…and the beautiful Miss Vivi, too!  Baby Lucas is thrilled.

Reuben and Miss Brielle…again with the cheese fest.

Cammie and her grandbabies on Easter 🙂

Uncle Iman, Aunt Karen, and Troyer got to join us for Easter lunch.  Afterward, we had an Easter egg hunt for the boys.  Reuben and his shirtless self are very serious about this hunt.

Troyer had a super speedy egg huntin’ game.  After it was done, he said, “I’m just a genius!”

The boys and their loot.  We decided a shirt would be appropriate for this pic.

I had an EPIC fail in my decision to take pictures at the end which was approximately 1.5 hours after Reuben’s normal nap time.  This was the result.

Brynlee was just as sweet as she could be, though.

And, after many attempts, this is our family pic for this year.


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