Easter Egg Hunt

My mother-in-law works for American Airlines, so she invited us to their annual Easter egg hunt at Mohawk Park this past Saturday.  We headed there after soccer practice, so we invited our friends, the Harris’, to join us.  We had a great time!

Meeting the creepy friendly Easter bunny.

Group pic!

Unfortunately there was a 30 minute wait because of some drawings for prizes, so we did a lot of restraining at first.

Waiting so patiently to begin his hunt.

Reuben snapped and started using his basket as a weapon.

We tried to entertain the boys with another visit with Mr. Easter Bunny, but they both were very skeptical by this point.

And finally, the hunt is on!

Reuben was very serious about his hunt.

Isaiah braved the heights to score some eggs.

Filling up his basket while the Easter bunny creeps observes.


Showing off his loot!


2 Comments on “Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. nicci says:

    SO cute! but that easter basket… *shudder* 😉

  2. Mama Mac says:

    Gosh, these just make me tear up. Love that little guy soooo much!

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