Celebration #6: Agimudie, Party of 4

Yep, you read that right!  Our family is growing to four as we’re expecting baby #2 in late October!!! We’ve known for awhile now, but had our 1st appointment and ultrasound yesterday which makes everything official 🙂

Getting the news…

Processing the news…

The news has sunk in…

Dad, does this shirt say what I think it says?

Nick, Reuben, and I traveled to Kansas City in mid-February so I could observe student teachers at the Kansas School for the Deaf. Before we left KC, we met our good friend, Jen, for lunch. At lunch, I jokingly told Jen that I might be pregnant because I had heartburn and was about a week late. I laughed it off while Jen insisted that we stop at the nearest drugstore, buy a test, and go back to her apartment to take it. I was very hesitant because I didn’t want to find out so early. I was perfectly happy in my state of denial. Nick and Jen convinced me to get the test, we headed to her apartment, and sure enough the test showed up positive!  It was so fun sharing that moment with Jen–laughing, screaming, & talking about our future.  On our drive home, Nick and I began to scheme about the creative ways we would tell our family and friends.  I really wanted to wait for awhile because we were in the middle of my niece Brynlee’s arrival and my mom’s 60th birthday celebration. I wanted to make sure all attention was focused on them during those exciting times.

Well, I made it 2 days before blurting out the news to my family while we were cleaning up from my mom’s birthday party. I was at the sink washing dishes, turned around, and said, “Guys! I’m pregnant!” My mom, dad, and Shannon stopped dead in their tracks and shouted a collective, “What?!?” I continued to tell them the whole story and apologized profusely for not telling them in a creative way.

Nick’s mom and dad were in Peru visiting friends, so when they came back, we went over for dinner and shared the news with them.

Rachel, Chad, and Brynlee were still in the hospital the night we told my family so we waited to tell them until the following Friday. We took dinner to their house, and brought Brynlee a present. I made her a onesie that says, “I’m gonna have a little cousin” similar to the shirt Rachel made for Reuben to announce her pregnancy.

We told our Love & Respect small group at our monthly get together at the end of February. Our friends, Iman and Karen, told us about their pregnancy with Troyer by giving us a cute little gift bag with a sippy cup inside. It took us a minute to realize what this gift meant, but once we got it, lots of cheering, crying, and hugging ensued. We kept that gift in it’s original wrapping and gave it back to them to tell them of our pregnancy with Reuben. We received the gift back from them in November to announce their pregnancy with Baby Ezekiel (due in June), so we wrapped it back up to give to them at our L&R get together. Once Karen opened it up, she showed it to Iman, and as they reacted, everyone else began to figure out our news 🙂

It has been so fun to share this news, and has been so hard to keep it a secret from everyone else for this long. I really wanted to wait until we went to the doctor, though. Our appointment was yesterday, and everything looks great! The doctor predicts my due date to be approximately October 26th.  As soon as our little white blob appeared on the ultrasound machine, Reuben yelled, “the baby!” It was very sweet 🙂

Reuben at our first appointment to “meet” baby #2.

So…there you have it! Our big news! This should also serve as an explanation for my lack of consistency in blogging lately. I’ve been trying to keep a secret AND every spare moment I’ve had to blog has been spent on the couch sleeping or dealing with nausea :o/ I’m so thankful for the signs of a growing baby, though!


3 Comments on “Celebration #6: Agimudie, Party of 4”

  1. Beth says:

    YAY!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! What a fun year! 🙂

  2. Lori Dees says:

    So happy for you all!!!!

    I love hearing about how families get the news…..

    Reuben will LOVE being a big brother!!

    Love you!!


  3. Katie says:

    Hey Amy, I just happened across your blog today! Congratulations to your growing family. I’m so happy I got it right this time and didn’t ASSume! Having two is so fun! -Katie Hemm Kinder

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