Celebration #5: Reuben’s 2nd Birthday

Reuben’s 2nd birthday was on Sunday, and we had a weekend full of fun celebrations!  On Friday night, we had a birthday party AKA Reuben’s Rockin’ Roadshow.  I hired our friend, Nicole of Lyrics Photography, to take pictures for us.  This was a GREAT decision because it totally took the picture taking pressure off of me and allowed me to enjoy the party.  The party will have a post of its own when we receive our pictures from Nicole.  We spent the rest of the weekend spending quality time with each of our families.  We ended Reuben’s birthday with a BANG by taking him to see Sesame Street Live at the BOK Center.  Reuben seemed to really enjoy it!  I must admit, when Elmo entered the building, and Reuben’s face lit up as he pointed and screamed, “MELMO!” Nick and both found ourselves a bit teary-eyed.  There is just nothing that compares to seeing your child’s face light up with pure JOY.

Grandma Zal gets more excited about giving Reuben gifts than Reuben does about opening them 🙂  We went to their house last week and she just had to give him a few early presents.  She gave Reuben a Home Depot tool set just like his Grandpa Fred!

Reuben was pretty fired up about his new outfit, too!

On Saturday, we got to spend some quality time with Cammie, Paw Paw, Uncle Chad, Auntie Ray Ray, and Brynlee.  I love this picture of Cammie with her two grandbabies 🙂

On Sunday, Nick’s parents hosted a small family get together to celebrate the birthday boy.  Reuben is thankful that Uncle Rickki and Auntie Nancy got him some pants!

How many men does it take to build a toy basketball goal?

Reuben is all dressed and ready to see Elmo!  Yes, I know he needs a haircut.  Now that his rockstar birthday party has passed, we will be fixing the hair issue PRONTO.

What’s better than seeing Elmo on your birthday?  Seeing him WITH your best friend!

Let’s go see Elmo, guys!

Sitting in his seat like a big boy…ready to see Elmo!

The characters have just taken the stage and these two little guys are THRILLED!

Eating some goldfish, clapping along to some tunes, and thoroughly enjoying his birthday 🙂

Pure JOY.

When we got home from Elmo, we let Reuben play for a little bit before bed to use up some of his energy.  Well, he picked up his basketball and started shooting.  Nick and I sat in amazement as he used great form and kept sinking his shots.  Now, I know we’re biased parents, but we were so PROUD!  Auntie Shan and Uncle Neal stopped by to see the birthday boy before bed, and they got to witness his basketball skills, too 🙂  Here’s the video I managed to get…he’s only 3 for 5…we’re working on his consistency 😉  Look out, Kobe!


One Comment on “Celebration #5: Reuben’s 2nd Birthday”

  1. Mama Mac says:

    Just the sweetest boy with dah ball!

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