23 Months Old

As of this past Sunday, Reuben is one month away from being 2 years old.  My sister, Rachel, is nearing the birth of her baby girl so I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on where I was at this time two years ago.  I was on bed rest without a care in the world…except the completion of Reuben’s nursery AND my master’s thesis.  There was so much anticipation at that time and there still is today.  I spend so much time wondering what new thing Reuben is going to do each day.  This is truly a time of accelerated development and lots of new discoveries.  Unfortunately, this month included  A LOT of time indoors.  Reuben and Nick both got the flu which took them out for a full week.  Reuben went straight from the flu to an ear infection so his recovery was even longer.  As soon as they both started to feel a bit better, we were hit with the big snow which kept us indoors for the majority of the next two weeks.  We spent much of our time trying to be creative about how to spend the hours indoors AND Reuben developed his passion for Disney movies.  Despite our best efforts, Reuben spent too much time with his BFFs Buzz and Mack, but at least the movies are enjoyable for adults too!

Reuben loves to play hide and seek.  He’ll run around the house looking for a place to hide and CRACK UP when we chase after him or come looking for him.  He can open most every door in our house so that has allowed him lots of hiding places and given Mommy and Daddy added stress!  Reuben also loves to climb on anything and everything.  He feels like king of the mountain when he conquers something new.  Again…more fun for him, more stress for the parental department.  Reuben continues to love reading books, playing with cars, kicking the ball all over the house, dancing to music, playing his guitar and/or drums, and wrestling with Daddy.  As always, communication is ever expanding and we are so grateful.  I love to see him use new signs and hear him say new words.  We were watching some news coverage about a truck that had gone over a bridge during the snow storm.  The survivors were being transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital.  Reuben pointed at the TV and promptly signed “helicopter.” It caught me completely off guard because it had been almost 2 weeks since I taught him that sign while working on a transportation puzzle!  I love watching him learn new things and apply that knowledge to a variety of circumstances!  It does my mother’s AND teacher’s heart so good 🙂

Two of Reuben’s loves…talking on the phone and wearing his Bob the Builder hat.  It is not uncommon for Reuben to bring me my phone and demand to speak to “PaPa,” “Ray Ray,” “Dada,” etc.

Mom!  You’re disrupting my phone call!

Loves to rock out on his drums.

He plays them with such focus and determination 🙂

Doing a little coloring to pass the time on a snow day.

Another fun snow day activity…rice, bowls, spoons, and a tray.  He really enjoyed this! 

We even had a Skype date with Mr. Gabe and Isaiah…major bed head and all!

Reuben was well on his way to recovery at this point, but still had a raspy voice and runny nose.  It was SO wonderful to hear him laughing so hard after several days of being pretty puny!  Kudos to Nick for keeping up the entertainment even though he was hacking up a lung himself!


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  1. Jen Tufts says:

    LOVE the paradise lace oilcloth mat!!!

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