Valentine’s Day

Reuben is so blessed in the grandparent department.  He is the first grandchild on both sides so it is very common for him to be the center of attention.  On Sunday we stopped by both grandparents’ house because they each had a special Valentine’s surprise for Reuben.

I love this pic of my parents reading their card to Reuben 🙂

A super cool “Cars” coloring book.  Reuben yelled, “Mack!” as soon as he saw it.

And then…he pulled Buzz out of the bag.  He could barely contain his excitement!

Checking out his new toy, and telling us all about Buzz.

Next, we headed to Nick’s parents’ house for another Valentine’s surprise.

Daddy read Reuben his Buzz Lightyear card while Reubs checked out his new cars.

I asked Reuben to “cheese!” and this is what he gave me.

Yesterday, Reuben’s class at MDO had a Valentine’s party.  I enjoyed making his valentines to pass out to his friends.  I used a picture we had, added a text box, printed them at Walgreens, and tied some fruit snacks to the back.  Very simple and I think they turned out pretty cute!

When I arrived to take pictures of his first Valentine’s party, Reuben was playing Ring Around the Rosy with his friends.

We all fall down!

Reuben’s buddy, Isaiah, was more interested in holding this little girl’s hand than playing the game 😉

The bruise brothers sitting down to enjoy their snack.

Reuben destroyed his cupcake…

…while Isaiah destroyed his juice box.

After finishing his cupcake, Reuben just sat there in all of his messy glory waiting for Mommy to clean him up.

I have to agree 100% with his shirt 😉  Exhibit A…

…and Exhibit B.

And this little guy will be quite the little heartbreaker too!


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