Girls Weekend in OKC

As a fun way to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 60th birthday, my mom, sisters, and I traveled to OKC for An Affair of the Heart craft show this weekend.  This craft show comes to Tulsa every July and October, but we’ve always heard that the one in OKC is much bigger and better.  Well, they weren’t lying, folks.  The craft show in Tulsa is held in the QuikTrip center and is quite large; however, the craft show in OKC is held in 7 different buildings on the fair grounds.  Yes, you read that right…7 buildings!

We headed to OKC Friday afternoon and went straight to the craft show.  We managed to get through one building and get a good idea of what we were in for the next day.  I also managed to buy 2 bags…an adorable beach bag and a very handy reusable grocery bag.  It was quickly apparent that bags were and were going to be my weakness.

Rachel’s showing off her beautiful 9 month pregnant self and is ready to shop!

Shannon’s giving this craft show 2 thumbs up!

We finished building #1 and decided to head to dinner at Mama Roja on Lake Hefner.  We were very excited when we walked in and saw they had Hot Tamales at the hostess counter instead of your standard dinner mint.  Hot Tamales are a McNamara favorite!  Our dinner was so delicious!  We definitely recommend a trip to this restaurant!

My two beautiful sisters 🙂

My gorgeous mother and me.

It wouldn’t be a girls weekend without a craft, so we headed to the local Hobby Lobby to stock up on supplies to make this necklace.  We went back to the hotel, got our pjs on, turned on TLC, and started crafting.

Crafting away…

My completed necklace.  I love it!

The four finished products.  My mom decided to do 3 flowers and plans to glue a pearl into the center of the middle flower.

Rach and I went in to get ready for bed, and she commented on how small the opening to the shower was.  I made the super sensitive comment of, “Oh my!  Are you going to be able to fit through there?”  She replied in a super sensitive way of laughing and not SLAPPING ME ACROSS MY FACE like I should have been slapped.  What was I thinking talking to a 9 month pregnant lady like that?  Lady?!?  She’s my SISTER.  I should have been and was totally ashamed of myself.  So ashamed that I asked her to stand there while I took a picture.

We headed back to the craft show early the next morning.  To hold myself accountable, I tweeted, “After 6.5 hours of sleep, we’re headed out to attack buildings #2-#7 of the craft show.  Today’s mission: keep me away from tote bags.”  Well, our mission was an absolute fail about 20 minutes into our day.  We walked by a booth that had the most adorable, square-shaped, monogrammed tote bags for a great price!  Who can pass that up?!?  NOT this girl!  You better believe I marched right over there, bought one for myself and a friend, and convinced my sisters and mom that they had to have one for themselves.  The saleslady was LOVING me and I was LOVING my bag 🙂

The three of us so happy to be spending the day together with our mom shopping, spending money, and getting lots of great ideas.  This picture was taken before 12:00.  You know how I know?  Well, a. I was there, and b. there’s ROOM to walk in the aisles.  Around noon, this place turned into a MAD HOUSE.

Upon the completion of 7 hours of shopping, we were in need of some nourishment.  SO…we had lunch at the very cute Cafe 501 and then headed right over to Eileen’s to get some cookies.  Apparently we all felt that we couldn’t survive on just one cookie, so we each left with at least a dozen!

We had such a WONDERFUL time this weekend.  I know that my family is so blessed to have great relationships with one another and to enjoy the same things.  I love getting to spend uninterrupted quality time with family AND I’m so thankful that my husband took great care of Reuben while I was gone.  I came home very tired, but very refreshed.  And…with a few new bags 😉


3 Comments on “Girls Weekend in OKC”

  1. Vivi says:

    This is GREAT! Rachel looks beautiful! I’m so glad you got to do this and I am looking forward to seeing your amazing new bags 😉 (and learning how to make one of those ADORABLE necklaces!! PS: back in Dec, I paid WAY too much for a similar one that is now falling apart.. pshh)

  2. So much fun!!! Ya’ll have such an amazing family! so close & do so much fun things together! what a treasure 🙂
    & I LOVE the pic of Rach in the shower door. too cute.
    why no pics of the bags?! I’m a sucker for bags too. 😉 see ya this weekend!

  3. Jen Tufts says:

    So fun! I can not wait to make those necklaces. I have loved them since the day they showed up in my Anthro catalog!!!

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