Friday Night with Diego

This post is way late, but I had to post about it.  A couple weeks ago, we had Diego over to play so his mommy and daddy could go out on a date.  We had such a great time!

The boys devoured some Little Caesar’s cheese pizza and had a blast playing with each other at the dinner table.

Uncle Chris dropped by to show us his new golden lab, Cane (named after TU’s Golden Hurricane).  He is SO precious!

Reuben went back and forth from petting Cane gently to trying to kick him.  We’re working on this…

Diego’s showing Reuben how it’s done.

The boys enjoyed some quality time in the tent with their BFFs, the stuffed animals.

Nick enjoyed rough housing with the boys.  Yes, those are underwear on Diego’s head.  He’s making quite the fashion statement.

I love Reuben’s face.  “C’mon, Daddy.  I can take you!”

Taking time to wind down with some popcorn and “Cars.”

What’s a Friday night hang out without a dance party?  This was the perfect way to end our fun night with Diego!  I love how Diego stops to show a 1 and 2 with his fingers when the songs says “once” and “twice.” Notice how Reuben quickly holds up a 1 after he sees Diego doing it 😉  I also like how Reuben’s only wearing one slipper…not too sure where the other one went.  (Don’t know why the video is blurry.  Sorry!)



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