Celebration #2 = Shannon’s Birthday

Celebration #2 = a family celebration of Shannon’s birthday on Saturday, February 5th.  This family gathering was extra special after being snowed in for a week.  We were all desperate for human interaction so this came at a great time!  Our family has lots of traditions, but one of my FAVORITES is taking time on a person’s birthday to go around the table and let each person let the birthday boy/girl know what they appreciate about him/her.  We all took our turns telling Shannon how much we appreciate her, and the most common comment was on Shannon’s sense of humor and her genuine love for and loyalty to her friends and family.  We are all very blessed to have Shannon as a part of our family!

Reuben decided to get all dressed up for Auntie Shan’s birthday party!

LOVE having dinner with my family!  Shannon requested a family favorite…round steak, mashed potatoes, fried okra, and green beans.  YUM!

Reuben did more talking than eating at this meal.

Such a big helper!

He even helped Auntie Shan eat one of her birthday presents :/

…and model her new necklace.

Reuben loves to sit on top of the coffee table to play.

Another beautiful and delicious cake from Merritt’s Bakery.

The 24 year old birthday girl.  She is just too gorgeous for words.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Neal Krone!

“Helping” Auntie Shan blow out 24 candles!

Speaking of Shannon, you have GOT to watch this video my mom took of her while she was in recovery after getting her wisdom teeth out.  HILARIOUS.


2 Comments on “Celebration #2 = Shannon’s Birthday”

  1. Lauren McGuire says:

    THANK YOU for sharing that video. I have had a LONG day and needed a laugh.

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