Family Movie Nights

One of my favorite parts of Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, SnO.M.G., or Snowklahoma 2011 has been the FAMILY TIME.  We are in the middle of a FUN, but very busy season of life right now, and this blizzard has stopped us dead in our tracks and allowed us to spend lots of uninterrupted time together.  I’m loving every minute!  I love that we’ve been able to focus on Reuben, and allow him to have the best days he can imagine.  Every night we’ve had a family movie night complete with popcorn, juice, and Buzz (Toy Story), Mac (Cars), or one of his new movies…Monsters, Inc. and A Bug’s Life.  It thrills my heart to be able to watch his face light up with excitement while Daddy is setting up the movie and Mommy is popping the popcorn.  It’s also fun to watch these movies through the eyes of the child.  I love the way he yells at the TV with excitement or crawls up in our lap with nervousness.  It’s been so rewarding.  My heart is full 🙂


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