Snow Day

Well, we got the snow day I was hoping for.  Although it wasn’t quite like the snow we’ve had the last couple years, it is was still enough to make us feel like we needed to stay in for the day.  Nick was able to work from home so it was nice to have some time with him throughout the day.

Reuben started out the morning with a little milk and some Hillsong worship.

Admiring the beautiful snow and begging to go play.

Before we headed out to play, I cooked breakfast…pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  It was a yummy way to start our day!

Getting all bundled up was quite the process, but it was worth it!  It was really fun using the beach toys in the snow.

Mommy and Reuben 🙂

Daddy’s helping Reuben fill up his bucket.

Working hard to fill up his bucket just so he can dump it and start over again.

Taking a walk with Daddy.  I. LOVE. THIS. PICTURE.

Making his first snow angel and not too sure about it.

I think this face means it’s time to go in.  Love the rosy cheeks and little red nose!

We ended the day with some cuddle time and watching “Toy Story.”   I’m so thankful for these two!


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