L&R: January Edition

Sunday night was our first Love & Respect gathering for 2011.  We were missing 3 of our beloved families, but we still had a great time.  One of our families, the Reedy’s, moved to Texas over Christmas break 😦 They are GREATLY missed, but we know we’ll be seeing them often!

This is the way I love my house the most…people chatting, kids playing, friends laughing, toys everywhere…it feels so WARM and FULL 🙂

We got to celebrate Joleen’s birthday this time!  Joleen is a special friend with such a SWEET spirit.  So thankful for the opportunity to celebrate with friends!!!

It was Reuben’s turn to show off his new toys to his buddy, Isaiah.  It’ll be nice when the boys can play on these toys without assistance 😉

Diego could not pass up the opportunity to rock out on Reuben’s new guitar.

What I would give to know what this lil man is thinking…

Reuben’s giving a tutorial on how to properly play with his toys.

Rockin’ it Bob the Builder style.

Beautiful Madelyn 🙂


Reuben LOVES “the babies.”  He likes to look after Miss Brielle.

We moved the fun into the office for a dance party.  Diego’s bustin a move and Reuben’s doing the Dougie.

Diego is still going full force, but Reuben had to stop to rehydrate.

Brielle got her groove on, too!

Next up…spinning in the office chair!  This activity was suspended after a near miss on some vomit action.

In an effort to tame the boys, we put on “Cars” and popped some popcorn.  Reuben was a little concerned when Lightning McQueen fell out of MAC on the highway.

“Cars” was abandoned for some home movies on the iPhone.  Not sure why Reuben has such a serious face…

I love the way Reuben really looks up to Diego.  Love how he’s peeping over his shoulder 😉


2 Comments on “L&R: January Edition”

  1. Vivi says:

    I love ALL and each one of these pics! You are awesome, Ames! I’m thankful that you make the effort to capture all the little special moments, and then share them! Thanks friend. Love you 🙂

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